Piano Lessons and Life Lessons: A Duet

Lessons Learned on a Weber Piano Mirror those Learned in Life

Piano Lessons and Life Are A Duet

You have a powerful drive to become the next Bay Area piano virtuoso. But whether you are practicing your first piano notes or working on a complicated concerto, learning to play the piano teaches you about more than just the Yamaha or Weber pianos themselves. Piano playing also teaches important lessons you can apply to your life as a whole.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Authorized Yamaha piano dealers can sell you sheet music and a piano in one day, but that doesn’t mean you will immediately know how to play or even be able to achieve any level of competence without practice, diligence and passion. Mastering piano chords and technique takes time and consistent effort. This learning process teaches you patience, dedication and work ethic – values which can help you succeed in music as well as non-musical aspects of your life.

Flexibility is a virtue.

No matter how many times you practice piano songs, missed notes are inevitable. Regardless of what happens, the song must go on, and you must learn to leave the mistake behind you and keep moving forward. The ability to improvise in uncertain (and unexpected) terrain is crucial, particularly in business, as successful tech entrepreneurs can tell you.

Progress looks different for different people.

People learn at different rates. Two people who take advantage of the same piano sales bring their instruments home on the same day and follow the same exact course will not have equal skills, and that’s okay. Measure your progress against your past – not against other people – and strive to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

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