5 Simple Exercises to Help Relax Your Hands

Piano exercises. Bay Area piano lessons.The piano is a beautiful musical instrument, but there is no doubt about it being demanding and complex. It requires a lot of effort from the pianist both mentally and physically. Flexibility, focus, endurance and complete control are some of the characteristics professional piano playing demands. Thus, it’s vital for a pianist to keep his/her body in good shape by practicing some piano exercises. Piano exercises help in the development of the finger, arm and hand techniques for playing the piano. Finger muscles play an integral role in controlling and executing your desired sounds.

The top 5 exercises to help relax your hands

  1. Finger Lifting Exercise

The more you learn to lift your fingers up high, the more flexibility and control you have. You are not only working on controlled finger movements but this skill also helps in producing a rich sound from the piano. It can be a bit challenging to lift your finger high especially the inner fingers, but this exercise goes a great way to prove helpful. Lay your fingers on a flat surface and deliberately try to lift them as high as you can one after the other for five seconds. Now lift all of them and hold for five seconds. Repeat the same exercise with the other hand.

  1. Wrist Rotation Exercise

Take a chair and place your forearms on it, so that your wrist get support while you let your fingers hang freely. Now bend your wrist backwards and then lift your hands towards you. Then bend your wrist back in the downward position. Repeat this at least ten times. Next, allow your elbows to be at rest and then try to rotate your forearms with the palms facing in an upward direction. Hold for five seconds and then try the same exercise but now with your palm facing downwards.

  1. Wrist Bending Exercise

You need to extend one of your arms in front of you for this exercise. For instance, you can extend your right hand; then your left hand should be placed beneath the fingers of the right hand and pull the fingers backwards. Hold them in that position while breathing deeply for at least 3 seconds. Now release them and push the same fingers down towards you. Hold them in that position while breathing deeply for 3 seconds. Repeat the same exercise with the other hand.

  1. Finger Stretching/ Warm-up Exercise

Anytime before you start playing the piano, you should perform this exercise as a part of your warm up routine to help relax the muscles in your fingers. If you fail to warm up your fingers, you might feel as if they are stiff while you are playing and will restrict your movement. For this exercise, just close your fingers in hand tightly and hold them in that position for at least 3 seconds. Repeat this process multiple times. Next stretch each of your fingers independently and hold each for 3 seconds.

  1. Make a Fist

Make a fist is a simple exercise that involves making a fist with your hand while wrapping your thumb around the other fingers. Squeeze your hand until you feel that it’s tight enough. Hold on to that position for five seconds. Now stretch your fingers outwards. Hold the stretch for five seconds while you breathe deeply. Repeat the same exercise with the other hand.

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