Piano Cleaning Tips

 Yamaha Piano

Want to Learn How to Best Clean Your Piano?

Just like any other instrument or piece of furniture, it’s important to keep your Yamaha pianos clean so they can remain beautiful and functional every day. Dust and other materials can collect on your piano, as well as inside your piano, which can affect how well your piano works. Since your piano is a carefully constructed instrument, keeping it clean will help ensure that the sound is rich and full so you don’t have any problems when you sit down to make music.

How to Clean Your Piano

Since your piano is an instrument that needs to be cared for so it works properly, it’s important that it’s cleaned properly when you do clean it. Using the proper materials and methods to clean your piano will make your cleaning more effective and help keep your piano in good condition for much longer.

What to Use to Clean Your Piano

The materials needed for your piano depends on how your piano is made. For the wooden casework and soundboard, you will need two soft, clean cloths. One of the cloths should be damp. Along with a feather duster for the keys, you will need a clean, white microfiber cloth (ivory keys) or a cleaning cloth and gentle cleaning solution (plastic keys). You may also use a polish to clean the finish of the piano periodically.

How to Clean Your Piano

The first step in cleaning your Yamaha pianos is to clean the casework and soundboard. Gently wipe the piano with the damp cloth in small sections, following with a dry cloth to remove the moisture from the piano.

How to Clean Your Piano Keys

After the casework and soundboard has been cleaned, you should clean the keys. The first step is to use the feather duster on the keys to remove loose dust. Then use the appropriate cloth based on the material the keys are made from to clean them.

If your keys are ivory, simply use the white microfiber cloth to wipe the keys gently. If your keys are plastic, they can be cleaned with a cleaning cloth and a gentle cleanser. Use the cloth with the cleanser to wipe the keys gently. Be sure to wipe the keys with another cloth afterward to remove the cleaning solution from the keys so they are dry.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Piano

There are a few things you should remember to avoid when cleaning your piano to help keep it in good condition.

  • Do not use a dry, rough cloth, which can scratch the piano and keys.
  • Do not use paper towels when cleaning. They can scratch the piano and keys as well as leave pieces of paper towel on the piano.
  • Do not wipe up and down the keys, since this can get moisture between the keys and cause damage.
  • Do not polish the piano too often, since this can cause discoloration of the piano and damage to the exterior.
  • Do not leave moisture on the keys or piano at the end of the cleaning process; be sure to

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