Why Online Yamaha Piano Sales Could Be Harmful

Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealers Are the Safest Choice for Owners

Picture of Piano from Yamaha Piano StoresAttention Bay Area piano owners: Yamaha recently released a statement regarding the unauthorized sale of Yamaha pianos online, including the Clavinova and Avantgrand hybrid models. Foreign eBay sellers continue to offer unauthorized versions of these pianos to United States citizens, even though the pianos violate warranty and pose a safety hazard.

These online retailers often sell models designed for use in other countries. Typically, the plugs on an unauthorized piano do not fit into standard American electrical outlets; as a result, they can create a significant fire hazard. If you bought a Yamaha piano online and noticed it had an adapter on the power cord, this is an indicator that the instrument is likely unauthorized. Although sellers may offer a manufacturer warranty, this warranty is automatically voided if the purchase was not made with an authorized Yamaha piano dealer.

The following are additional signs that your instrument might have been unauthorized:

  • The serial number is altered or removed.
  • The serial code does not have a UL mark or FCC mark.
  • The piano was not shipped in its original carton.
  • There are “extras” in the box, like candy, coffee, or religious material.

If you purchased an unauthorized piano, contact the seller and attempt to return it. Yamaha pianos should only be purchased from Yamaha piano stores such as Piano Plus.

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