Two New Series of Yamaha Clavinovas Available at Pianos Plus!

Introducing The New Clavinova Pianos

Yamaha PianosOur team is thrilled to announce the rollout of two great new Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano Series These completely digital piano models are now available at Pianos Plus. Experienced piano players and fledgling musicians alike can benefit from the wide range of easy-to-use features on these cutting-edge models.

Clavinova CLP 500 Series

This Clavinova line gives pianists a wide range of emotional capability, delivering the musical experience of a grand piano. The CLP 500 line of pianos offers responsive pedals, excellent sound, and gorgeous tonal quality. Critics describe the piano’s sound as expansive and enveloping, meaning it might be perfect for a church or a small band. The CLP-545 brings back the classic look with a lighter touch and wooden keys. The CLP-575, meanwhile, is designed to feel and sound as close to a grand piano as possible, while still providing all the benefits (and ease of maintenance) of a digital instrument.

Clavinova CVP 600 Series

Built as a tool for both family use and performance, the CVP 600 series includes truly remarkable high-end digital pianos. These pianos include a library of songs and recording capabilities; and they can accommodate full-orchestra composition by empowering musicians to combine diverse pieces into a single track. Users can add in up to a hundred new instruments at a time to aid with this composition process. The CVP 600 series can also interact with your music devices. Set it up to speak with tablets and music-sharing devices using wireless capabilities, and these pianos will allow you to play music directly off your device or share music with the player.

Come Play These New Pianos!

If you’re currently seeking a better-quality digital piano, please visit Pianos Plus to get a chance to test out the Clavinova CLP 500 and Clavinova CVP 600 series! Get in touch with the knowledgeable Pianos Plus team by contacting us here or calling 510.581.1660 today.