Yamaha Introduces New U1TA TransAcoustic Upright Piano

Bay Area Piano Store To Offer Yamaha’s Newest Piano!

Have you ever wished you could enjoy the benefits of a digital piano, the appearance of an upright piano, and the sound of a grand piano all at once? Customers and owners of Bay Area digital piano stores feel the same – and now their wishes have been granted.
Authorized Yamaha Piano DealersAuthorized Yamaha piano dealers across the country are beginning to stock Yamaha’s new U1TA TransAcoustic Upright Piano. The first of its kind, the U1TA dubs itself a “hybrid” instrument. It utilizes electro-acoustic transducers to convert digital data into a full, three-dimensional sound, amazing players and listeners alike.

While the piano is internally constructed like a regular upright, its digital components allow a wide range of volume control, as well as the use of 18 different instrument sounds. These include harpsichord, pipe organ, and electric piano. Players may also use headphones to experience the full sound of the piano without disturbing housemates or neighbors.

Yamaha’s new invention reflects the changing, diverse needs of players around the world. It offers superior playability and versatility, making it a compelling investment for any piano lover.

Experience The Yamaha U1TA For Yourself!

The best way to experience Yamaha’s new U1TA piano is to play it in person. While we are among many Bay Area piano sales representatives, Pianos Plus is one of the first to offer the U1TA. We welcome you to stop by our piano showroom today to discover this remarkable instrument. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 510-581-1660.