This Yamaha Piano Has Bluetooth Connectivity and App Integration

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Check Out This New High-Tech Yamaha Piano

Yamaha has been creating pianos for over 100 years. The founder pioneered Western instruments in Japan and built his brand on sharing passion and performance while creating beautiful pianos and organs. It should not surprise anyone that Yamaha is on the cutting edge of technology by debuting an acoustic, hybrid piano that combines the sound and action of a grand piano with digital components. If you are looking for pianos in the east bay, keep reading to learn about our new favorite model.

A Digital Grand Piano

The AvantGrand N1X is a space-saving modern piano that captures the essence of a world-class concert piano. It’s only available at authorized Yamaha piano dealers. Because it uses digital technology, it doesn’t require the same space as a grand piano, nor does it require tuning. The N1X features wooden keys and hammers, which act just like a real piano. Sensors capture the nuances of the player, allowing for musical experience and techniques to shine through.

Technology Enhances Your Piano

Digital pianos in the East Bay have many more capabilities than just sitting at the piano. If you need, Bay Area piano lessons can teach you how to integrate technology in your piano training. The N1X uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to listen to music through its speakers. Using apps, you can record a playing experience to listen back and analyze. Apps can provide full score display, giving you more control over your learning and practice. Your tablet opens the door to a huge music library that easily integrates with the N1X, whether you use Android or iOS.

Looking for a Modern Piano That Sounds Traditional?

The NIX fits into a smaller space, like an apartment, offering musicians of all ages the opportunity to play on an instrument that offers high-quality sound. It won’t look out of place in a larger room designed to showcase a piano. Technology offers a natural listening environment for players who must use headphones for a quiet practice session to duplicate what they’d hear if sitting in the same room as the piano.

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The N1X is the most advanced piano from Yamaha. If you’ve been looking for a piano to fit into your home, you can’t go wrong. Pianos Plus offers pianos and keyboards for sale and rent for your home. Stop by our warehouse to view our selection of Yamaha pianos. Contact us today!