Learning Piano as an Adult

bay area piano lessons for adultsYou should never hold to the notion that you are too old to learn the piano, or any instrument for that matter. In fact, there are countless instances where grown-ups have successfully learned how to play this unique musical instrument to a very proficient, and even professional standard, regardless of how late they started their courses. Furthermore, playing an instrument when you are older comes with a wide range of benefits.

Helpful advice to adults who want to learn the piano

Reasons why it’s never too late start learning an instrument:

In most cases, if you aspire for a career as a pianist, you should start early. But in case you didn’t get the chance to or just sparked an interest, you can still foster your passion in music later on in life. In fact, during your adult years, you will not have to face certain pressures such as time constraints, competition, or fulfilling other people’s expectations: it will be just you and your piano.

The truth is, if you love music and are constantly dreaming of sitting at a piano and playing your favorite jazz song or classical tune, then nothing should stop you. So whether you are in your late 20s or enjoying retirement, resist making any excuses and schedule your first lesson today.

What an adult should do to start learning the piano:

A significant number of people feel that they are too old to start learning a new instrument, but this just isn’t true. We often forget that our brains are quite capable of adopting new things at any point in our lives, we just have to realize this and take the initiative.

Even though new brain connections are slower to develop in adults as they do in children, that doesn’t mean our brains go out of commission once we reach the age of 18. On the contrary, it is usually much easier for an adult to understand abstract musical concepts such as notations and translate them into hand movements. So as you can see, when it comes to understanding music, their is always an advantage to being older and wiser. That is, you get to learn faster by cognitive understanding, as opposed to trial and error.

The joy of playing the piano can surely be appreciated at any age, so no one who fosters this sort of passion will ever be too old to take up the instrument. In fact, with practice and commitment, you can perform better than you could have ever imagined.

Sharpen your piano skills with professional piano lessons

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