Yamaha and Jamie Cullum Unveil Yamaha’s Enspire

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Envision a piano that brings together technology and tradition using a powerful new kind of instrument that has the potential to change how people view pianos.

Bay Area authorized piano dealer discusses Yamaha’s Brand new instrument, the Yamaha Disklavier Enspire

Launching event

Jamie Cullum, an award-winning songwriter, pianist, and Yamaha artist, recently blew the lid off the future of pianos during a launching event held in London at the Shangri-La Hotel when he released the new Yamaha Enspire using a high powered remote and real time show.

Record label executives, VIPs and press, all watched in bewilderment as Jamie’s band kicked off their set with the piano playing regardless of the fact that Jamie was not physically in the room. The new Yamaha Enspire was actually reproducing each note, emotion, and feeling of an earlier performance by Jamie at London’s Metropolis Studios that very day. He only appeared when finishing his set.

Features of the new Yamaha Enspire

The Enspire’s exterior is beautiful, elegant, and handcrafted, but this traditional appeal only serves as a mask for its great capabilities. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables it to play and record itself, be played remotely, and network with other kinds of Enspire instruments in any region of the world. Abbey Road studios were keen on the potential of this new piano and have become the first studio in Europe to install the Yamaha Enspire, making them part of the CFX flagship concert grand.

Due to its advanced technology, you can also hear firsthand some of the world’s most famous artists playing your own Enspire, courtesy of a comprehensive Piansoft software library. You only need to download your preferred taste of music from the library and the Enspire will reproduce the full orchestral and vocal arrangements, with the keys and pedals mimicking the physical actions of the pianist when the song was originally recorded.

Enspire’s Yamaha MusicCast multi-room system can seamlessly stream all Enspire performs in all the corners of your home. Through its controller app, can be operatedusing an iPad, iPhone, or ipod. The Enspire can also be played on headphones due to Yamaha’s silent capability, which is ideal if you don’t wish to be disturbed.

Jamie Cullum’s Opinion

According to Jamie, the Enspire will open up fresh creative avenues for musicians since it is a Piano that reflects the true traditions and craftsmanship skills long associated with Yamaha. He further adds that since it is a self-contained recording studio and capable of connecting with musicians from all over the world remotely, gives him and future musicians yet to be discovered, new ways of communicating and composing music.

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