Improve Technique While You Practice Piano

Bay Area Piano Lessons

The piano is a great musical instrument for musicians and learners alike, be it for passing time in a productive way or establishing a musical career. If you wish to take up piano lessons in the Bay Area, the following are some essential tips that will guarantee your practice lessons are fruitful and you have a wonderful playing experience.

Helpful Tips to Get The Most Out of Piano Practice

Sitting posture
A good sitting posture while playing the piano is essential to avoid spine related problems. Most piano seats do not have a back form that you can lean on so you have to train yourself to have a good sitting posture for comfort and ease while playing.

Practice time
We all have different attention spans. Playing a piano demands your total concentration, so you must know how much time you require before taking a break. Typically, practicing for 45-60 minutes per session is a comfortable amount of time for a pianist to concentrate before taking a break. You can also take breaks in between sessions to refresh your body and mind to prevent drifting in the middle of your practice.

Newcomers need to constantly exercise in playing the piano by developing their own routine practice techniques. Train your hands and fingers on how to adjust to different keys by trying out a variety of pieces. For example, perhaps a shifting harmonic progression. Luckily, the Yamaha Piano has keys that are easy to press so this should be an easy task.

Tips on how to improve your techniques as you continue practicing:

  • Learn new pieces

There are thousands of pieces available today performed by different composers that can be used to improve your playing techniques. Challenge yourself with hard pieces that are outside your comfort zone to foster learning different notes and written punctuations. Practice under tempo until you are conversant with all the notes.

  • Challenge yourself

Playing the piano can come with various challenges, some of which are not planned. As you practice, imagine some of the situations you could encounter while playing at a public place and practice under them. Turn on the radio and practice with loud music. It is not as easy but with concentration, you will be able to block out the distractions and deliver your piece.

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