The Importance of Cleaning Your Piano

Piano, New Pianos, Used Pianos, Bay AreaInvesting in a piano is not a simple decision as it costs you a lot and it’s definitely a big investment in your life. For you to keep your piano for years and in good running condition, it’s important that you provide proper care for it. A piano is just like any other equipment or furniture at home and requires care and an appropriate way of cleaning. There are a number of things you need to know before you try to clean your piano. Read on to find out.

Piano Tuning and Maintenance

Piano tuning and maintenance are important factors to remember for the longevity of a piano. Tuning means correcting the pitch of each tone by re-tightening the strings. The strings need to be tuned by a professional at least once or twice a year. A piano can behave differently under different conditions. Changing temperatures, environments and humidity can all affect a piano in different ways.

How Does Humidity Affect a Piano?

Humidity is a pianos worst enemy. A piano that is placed in an environment that is very humid may result in a dull hummer and unclear tones. This will also result in the sticky keys and the internal parts getting rust. Make sure that you repair your piano before this happens. The other most immediate and noticeable effect of excess humidity is swelling and shrinking of the piano soundboard. This, in turn, makes the crown expand and push the bridge harder. The strings are then stretched tighter hence raising the pitch.

How Does High Temperature Affect a Piano?

High temperature causes dry air around the piano. Dry air does not only affect your tuning stability but can also cause some cracks in the piano’s soundboard. Try not to put your piano in direct sunlight. Also, place it away from radiators, hot air registers, and heating ducts.

Piano Cleaning Tips

Clean The Keys

This is one of the most paramount things that you should always remember to do. However, when cleaning the keys never use bleaching material such as alcohol or any other such materials to clean your piano’s keys. Such bleaching materials will only serve your purpose in the short run but would leave some long-term effects on the keys. Instead, you can ask your piano dealer for a solution only made for piano keys.

Clean The Cabinet

The cabinet is the physical body of the piano. Use a soft dry cloth to remove dirt and dust from the cabinet. There are also some special products you can purchase from your dealer, meant to clean the cabinet.

Clean The Soundboard

This is the hardest part to clean. Most of the time you will find dust particles and other small particles on the soundboard. The best way to clean this part is to use a vacuum cleaner.

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