The Best Apps to Help You Learn Piano

Top Piano Player Apps

For 40 years, we at Pianos Plus have helped connect musicians and teachers with fine instruments, like Yamaha and Weber pianos. Instrumentalists and composers alike can now use mobile apps to improve their practice, record cool music, and get more diverse enjoyment from their playing.

Here are several very cool, useful apps for piano players:

Kurzweil pianosEvernote: This app allows you to collect and organize your notes, images and musical clips to review and reference later.

Better Ears: Learn the basics of music theory — key signatures, tempo, triads and chords, etc — so you can understand what you’re playing on a deeper level.

Nota: an ingenious and intuitive app that allows you to see the notes you play on a staff as you plink them down on your digital piano. In a sense, you can “reverse engineer” compositions.

The Most Addicting Sheep Game: Learning rhythm is a snap (literally) with this intuitive rhythm teacher designed for students who process music learning visually.

SightReadPlus: A wonderful tool for sight-reading beginners. The app drills students with 20 exercises in each hand and each key. As students progress, the drills become more difficult.

Piano Dust Buster: You play your favorite (beginner) songs on the piano, and the app will recognize them and turn the process of learning/memorizing into a game.

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