The Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons as an Adult

bay area piano lessons for adultsTaking piano lessons as an adult can feel like a doubting task to many, but one worth bearing through the initial hesitation. Leaning how to play the piano as a child is very different compared to learning as an adult. Piano lessons for adults are generally more fun than it is for kids. This is primarily because adults who take piano lessons do so because they really want to, which is certainly not true for kids that take the lessons because their parents want to. However, that is not the only reason why adults should take piano lessons. Here are some more benefits of taking piano lessons as an adult.

5 Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons as an Adult

  1. Reduced Stress Levels

Playing piano has been shown by multiple studies to have the power to reduce stress levels for adults. Playing piano helps trigger biochemical stress reducers and changes the speed of the brainwaves so that they can be similar to how they would be in a meditative state. Reduced stress is also said to help minimize the chances of occurrence of other health issues such as type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease.

  1. Adults have a More Developed Attention Span

It takes great concentration to learn how to play the piano. Children can only concentrate for a span of around 10 minutes. This means that the time that children take to learn how to play the instrument is much longer than adults. Adults are able to dedicate many hours of their time to learning a piano without losing their concentration.

  1. Adults Have Fully Grown Muscles

One of the benefits of playing the piano is that it helps exercise your hand muscles. It is easier for adults to learn how to play the instrument because their muscles are fully developed. You should, however, keep in mind that for your hand muscles to develop properly, you will need a professional teacher to help you learn.

  1. Improved Quality of Life

Adults learning how to play the piano can improve their quality of life. This is especially true for anyone who is living alone or even retired. According to studies done by the International Music Products Association, adults who participate in piano lessons are said to reduce levels of anxiety, loneliness and depression by a significant amount.

  1. Adults can Easily Learn Complex Concepts

Adults are in a much better position to learn and understand technical explanations compared to children. This makes it easier for adults to learn complex music analysis and theories than for children. For one to be able to learn how to play piano effectively, it is a necessity that he learns how to analyze and understand a piece of music.

Bay Area Piano Lessons for Adults

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