Ben Folds Becomes Yamaha Artist

Yamaha Piano Endorsement

Ben Folds Yamaha Piano Artist

Image via Flickr

Renowned producer, singer, and songwriter Ben Folds recently joined the ranks of Sir Elton John and Alicia Keys when Yamaha nominated him as the newest member of the Yamaha Piano Artists’ global family. A welcoming offered only to the top tier of instrumental musicians, Folds’ induction came as no surprise to those following his multi-platinum musical career.

Widely known for fronting Ben Folds Five, Ben took his solo career to a new level in two decades since graduating from the University of Miami’s School of Music. His unending curiosity and passion for music led to proficiency in percussion and musical production. Folds’ hit singles, like “Brick” and “You Don’t Know Me,” have gone on to influence countless artists and serve as soundtracks for prominent film and TV projects.

An outspoken advocate for music education and therapy, Ben Folds is an esteemed member of the artist community. While serving on the Nashville Symphony’s Board of Directors, Folds released a 25-minute orchestral piece in March 2014, which received serious critical acclaim.

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