The Benefits of Playing Piano on Your Brain

Taking Bay Area Piano Lessons Affects Your Brain is Great Ways!

Many already know that playing the piano can improve your mood and help you feel calmer, but did you also know that regularly sitting down in front of the keyboard can improve your brain function? According to a recent study published in Skoove Magazine, changes to the brain’s structure and power start happening just five months after people start playing the piano regularly. This can happen at any age, even among those who don’t start Bay Area piano lessons until after they retire.

How Playing the Piano Changes the Brain

Whether you play on a Yamaha piano or use a different brand, the act of striking the keys to create songs impacts the brain in some remarkable ways. Some of these include:

  • Alertness
  • Attention span
  • Coordination
  • Improved motor control
  • Listening skills
  • Memory
  • Planning ability

What’s even more exciting about these benefits of playing the piano is that the brain changes carry over into other everyday life activities. That can be a real benefit for older people concerned about losing some of their cognitive functioning as they age.

Improved Emotional Intelligence

A person with a strong sense of emotional intelligence recognizes and understands their own feelings and experiences and those of others. One result of Bay Area piano lessons is that you quickly learn to listen deeply to the music you create and understand how it affects the emotions of those around you. Deep, thoughtful listening is necessary to create musical pieces that move others. After developing this skill, it becomes easier for you to detect even the most subtle of voice changes when speaking to someone else.

Improved Well-Being

There’s no question that we’re living in unprecedented and stressful times. Sitting down at the piano bench and playing a few songs is the ideal way to leave that stress behind and express what’s in your own mind and heart. That can have an immediate affect on your mood as well as your ability to better handle the challenges that come your way. We all need that, and playing the piano is a simple yet fulfilling way to achieve it.

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