4 Accessories to Compliment Your Piano

piano accessories, yamaha piano, used lessonsThe piano has been for decades a very prestigious musical instrument. This classic instrument has been an important part of operas, orchestras and even the top rock and pop music of the modern times. Having a piano in your living room shows off both your superior talent as well as your taste in the classics. However, this classic instrument does not look quite right without some necessary accessories to go with it. For anyone to learn and perfect their piano skills more easily and quickly, it is important to have these four piano accessories.

4 piano accessories that can help hone your skills and compliment your piano

  1. Piano Lamp

First and foremost, the light is obviously a very important aspect as you read through your music in dim settings. Light is important for the learner so that he/she can be able to practice the right keys. Not everyone is accustomed to the same level of light; some people may prefer bright light that properly illuminates every key and others may prefer dimmer light. An unsuitable piano lamp that does not illuminate properly may hamper the overall performance of a player. That is why it is vital to find a piano lamp with light that will be comfortable for your eyes so that you can practice your skills even into the late hours of the night.

  1. Comfortable Piano Bench

A pianist needs to be sitting in a comfortable chair before playing a piece that can keep his audience glued to theirs. Just like the piano lamp, the pianist needs to be comfortable, and the definition of comfortable may vary from person to person. The bench needs to be of correct height, size and of course level of comfort. A tall pianist may prefer a shorter piano bench while a short pianist may prefer a taller bench.

  1. Bench Cushions

Bench cushions are important in order to make your piano bench softer and more comfortable. Bench cushions are available in varying thickness, size, fabric and color. They come in box-edged or tufted format, and they all have straps so you can secure them to a bench or seat.

  1. Piano Metronome

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, a piano metronome is designed to help you improve on timing. It is an attractive and fascinating piano accessory that helps pianists of any skill level. One common mistake that most beginners do while trying to learn the piano is to play at varying speeds. A metronome helps regulate that speed to provide consistency or variety when needed. Metronomes come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors and they are available from basic analog models all the way to the high-tech digital models.

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