Things to Look for in a Piano Teacher

Bay Area piano lessons

Looking for a Piano Teacher?

If you are thinking about Bay Area piano lessons, there are several factors you should consider when seeking a skilled piano instructor, either for yourself or for one of your children. Keep in mind that piano lessons can extend several years into the future, so you’ll want to make sure that your instructor is affordable. You should also check on the payment policy required by your instructor, so you will know whether lessons are paid for individually, or by some other arrangement like a monthly payment.

Other qualifications for good piano instructor

You should inquire of any candidate what their policy is regarding attendance. For example, if you can’t make a lesson due to some kind of illness, or because you happen to be out of town, will the candidate still require you to pay for the lesson? This is something you should know at the outset, so you don’t get surprised by it when it actually happens.

Next, you should inquire about your instructor’s expectations for practice, so you can determine whether or not that fits in with your current lifestyle. If your Bay Area piano lessons are for your child, you will need to know whether or not parental involvement might be necessary, so you can be prepared with some kind of time commitment for your child’s lessons.

Having discovered some of the basic components of instruction practices, you should now move on to find out about the instructor and their personal relationship with music. Although this might be difficult to tell other than in a face-to-face interview, you should try and find out whether or not your would-be instructor has a legitimate love for music. If he/she doesn’t, there’s no way that the instructor will pass on a love for music to your child, because that fire and enthusiasm just won’t exist in the instructor.

Lastly, it’s a good idea if you get a chance to attend a candidate instructor’s music sessions with some other individuals, so you can observe their teaching style and see whether you think it’s appropriate for your children as well. Pay close attention to their ability to demonstrate and explain musical concepts, and how well they are able to guide students through the learning process.   It would also be worthwhile to contact a couple students of any instructor you’re seriously considering, so you can get their impressions and their evaluation of the instructor. When you have all this information gathered and evaluated, you should be able to make a well-informed decision about who to retain as your child’s piano instructor.

Looking for Bay Area Piano Lessons?

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