Pros and Cons of Online Piano Lessons

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Looking into Bay Area Piano Lessons?

Technology plays a role in almost everything these days, including music lessons. Online music lessons have their place, but there are some downsides that budding musicians (and their parents) should be aware of. If you’re in the market for Bay Area piano lessons, talk to our team at Pianos Plus. We’ll be glad to point you in the right direction for your student.

Advantages of Online Lessons

Online lessons provide a very diverse basis for piano students. You can find teachers for all genres and styles through Skype and Zoom. If you are in rural area or simply limiting your circle due to the pandemic or another reason, online lessons offer a lot more flexibility. As video meeting tools become more advanced, it makes working with a teacher anywhere in the world a possibility.

You can also find thousands of resources that you can download for free or at a low-cost. This gives you the opportunity to supplement your learning by turning your tablet into a music library. Ask us about Bay Area Yamaha pianos that integrate with your tablet or smartphone for every more learning options.

Disadvantages of Online Lessons

Unless you have a music background, you may have a difficult time knowing which online lessons and teachers are right for your student. It takes time to really research different programs to find the one that fits your student’s needs. One of the disadvantages of online learning is the cost versus reward. Even if you find a free program, you may not get what you expected. Then your student ends up frustrated after wasting hours getting nowhere.

Online lessons rely on WiFi and the computer you and the instructor are using. If your instructor doesn’t have reliable service or quality equipment, you may end up having a lesson where you can’t hear, or it drags while loading. Again, frustrating and time-consuming. Some programs and apps constantly ask you to upgrade your lesson plan or advertise at you while you’re trying to learn.

What Is Right For Your Student?

A hybrid of online learning and the human touch may be the right combination. Work with a local teacher who knows music and piano, to direct your student toward the right platform. Our team of music specialists in Bay area piano sales can help you find the balance between online learning and human interaction.

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