Will My Grand Piano Increase in Value?

Yamaha Piano Value

Authorized Yamaha Piano StoresAcoustic pianos, as investment vehicles, tend to appreciate in value over time. The market for pianos tends to rise and fall with demand, but quality Yamaha pianos usually hold their value well. In fact, according to statistical and financial analyses, you will generally receive a better return on your investment the longer you hold on to a grand piano.

Many people who invest in grands and baby grands want their pianos built to last well over a lifetime. Acoustic Steinways, Bösendorfers and Yamaha pianos are considered classic, and they have the ability to endure over modern, digital versions.

If you are trying to sell an older piano, you may do so through an authorized piano store who may either buy your piano outright or put it on consignment. You may also choose to sell the piano yourself.

When it comes to selling on the open market, use an online site or ask around universities or other musical communities. Beware that it may take some time for your piano to sell, since the market for grand pianos is relatively small, and you’ll want to vet any prospective buyers.

If you are not ready to sell — or you’re interested in maintaining some degree of ownership while money on your piano somehow — you might consider renting the instrument. Opting for the piano rental route can be lucrative, and schools, churches, and community groups might all have needs for your instrument.

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