Picking the Perfect Piano

Picking a piano for your home, office, or studio can be quite an adventure.

There are thousands of different makes and models available. Whether you’re searching for a baby grand for your living room, an upright piano for recording studio, or a digital piano for your classroom, this article will introduce you to a thinking process to help you make your decision.

Begin with your purpose and values

Before you shop, articulate why you are getting the piano and what values should govern the decision-making process. Are you buying to compose? Are you buying to practice every day? Are you buying just to have a piece of furniture in your house that “looks cool”?

Imagine deputizing your piano search to someone else. What would you tell that person to do (or not do) when shopping for you? For instance, would you give that person a budget (e.g. “spend no more than $2,000”)? Would you tell that person to ensure that the piano matches the décor of your living/dining area? Would you impose any height, weight, or other logistical requirements?

Envisioning the best piano solution possible

Before getting into the nitty-gritty – evaluating whether a grand is more appropriate than an upright – spend time imagining a “best case scenario” for your piano purchase. How much would you pay? Where would you put the piano? What it would look like? Etc.

If you’re buying a piano to train your three young children on – and you want this to be the “family piano” that lasts through 12 to 15 years of heavy duty practicing – what would be a “best case outcome” in that situation for you?

Once you have this idealized vision in mind, begin your search. You can infinitely research pianos and features online. Or you can shortcut the process by connecting with the trusted team here at Pianos Plus (510-581-1660 – www.pianosplus.com). For over four decades, we have served the East Bay Area. Our knowledgeable, extremely helpful sales staff can help you choose the instrument that best meets the criteria and “idealized vision” you have come up with.