Is My Child Is Ready for Piano Lessons?

Bay Area Piano Dealers Provide Piano Lessons When Your Child is Ready

Young Child Taking Bay Area Piano Lessons

As one of the most experienced Bay Area piano dealers with over 40 years of expertise, you might expect the team at Piano Plus to urge parents to start their youngsters tickling the ivories as early as possible. What has our experience providing lessons taught us?

The philosophy of “I want my child to be the next Mozart, so I will have her practice the piano two hours a day starting when she is four,” is quite unhealthy. It can also backfire and cultivate a dysfunctional relationship between your child and music.

In general, experts recommend that children can start between the ages of 5 and 8. Before you rush out to Bay Area piano stores and vet instruments, make sure that your child has hands that are big enough for the keys. Some 5-year-olds (and even 6 and 7-year-olds) have petite hands that can’t handle a full size piano. It’s okay. You can wait!

Likewise, a child will need basic coordination as well as what’s known as “finger independence” to be able to play simple melodies and scales. The child also should be self-motivated. Your child won’t always be motivated to practice – and you may be called upon to coach or even coax good habits. However, the child ideally should share in the drive to learn and get better.

Lastly, some parents worry that children who don’t know how to read written language might not be ready to read musical language. This is generally not a concern. In fact, some children learn how to read music before they learn how to read written words. Reading skills call upon different areas of the brain, and different children develop these skills at different rates.

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