Reasons You Will Want To Learn The Piano

There Are Many Personal Benefits Of Learning To Play The Piano

Most people who took piano lessons as a child didn’t have near enough appreciation for the training. As an adult, you can see the value in learning to play the piano. Here are a few reasons you should consider Bay Area piano lessons, no matter how old (or young) you are.

bay area piano lessons

Musicality Increases Your Vocabulary

There’s a link between music and language. Learning to play piano boosts the neural pathway into the speech center of the brain. There’s research that connects music and speech-processing.

Music Is A Form Of Communication

When you learn to play the piano, it teaches you to show empathy, anger, love and other emotions through the notes on the page. You can learn to be a better communicator through music. When you go through difficult times, you have another outlet for your emotions.

Playing Piano Teaches Coordination

Playing the piano may not seem very physical, but the technical aspect of moving your fingers over the keyboard strengthens the connection between your hands and brain. It also keeps your joints moving, kind of like a low impact exercise.

Playing The Piano Takes Discipline

When there’s no one to tell you to practice, you learn self-control when you take the time to devote yourself to master something new. You learn self-control, time management and how to push through difficulties when you’re learning to play piano, whether you’re practicing on Yamaha keyboards or Weber pianos, practice is what makes perfection.

Learning To Play Piano Builds Confidence

Mastering something new gives you a sense of accomplishment that can really boost your self-confidence outside of playing the piano. Music makes people happy. Even if you never play at Carnegie Hall, you can entertain your friends and family.

Playing Piano Reduces Stress

A 2011 article in the International Journal of Music Education reports that piano playing reduces stress more than other creative art activities. It reduces cortisol levels, reducing the stress on your body. Passive listening has been shown to do this, too, but actually participating in music learning can boost the effects.

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