Improve as a Pianist: Piano Lesson Myths Busted

Get The Facts To Unleash Your Piano Playing Passion

Happy Senior Couple Playing Weber PianoWe’ve all heard myths about learning to play the piano that make the process of becoming a virtuoso (or even basically conversant) seem virtually impossible without prodigious effort and lots of natural talent. Frustratingly, these myths convince many people to avoid investing in Bay Area piano lessons. “What’s the point?” they wonder. Let’s bust those myths and liberate the inner musician in you!

Myth: I’m too old, and children learn faster.
Truth: Children and adults learn at the same pace. Children tend to be less distracted by mortgages, jobs, and grocery shopping, but they don’t learn the piano faster.

Myth: You have to practice several hours every day.
Truth: Your brain can only truly focus in 15 minute increments. Short practices once or twice a day are more effective than long practice sessions. Also, give yourself a guilt-free break every few days. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to learn.

Myth: I can’t look at my hands while I play.
Truth: This is an old-fashioned teaching style that is long out of favor. By not looking at your hands, you visualize your music and place more emotion and emphasis into a piece.

Myth: I need long, slender fingers to play the piano.
Truth: Long, slender fingers tend to get tangled when playing the piano. Tapered fingers that are wider near the hand and slender near the tips are best for strength and flexibility.  Additionally, there are hand exercises that can help you improve your playing even more.

Myth: I can’t afford a piano.
Truth: Piano rentals can be quite affordable, even if you’re working from a relatively constrained budget.

Now That You Know – Go For It!

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