Public East Bay Pianos Bring Music to the Streets

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A Fantastic East Bay Piano Project in Danville

If you’ve spent any time in the East Bay town of Danville, you might have noticed three public “community pianos” set up downtown. With their bright colors and placement in strategic locations, it’s easy to think that they are part of some elaborate art project, but the pianos in the East Bay area are there for anyone who likes to play and who wants to make Danville a more musical place.

The project was started by San Ramon Valley High school students Lauren Torchiana and Katherine Gilen when the two of them brought the idea of having outdoor pianos in Danville to the town’s Recreation, Arts, & Community Services Department in the fall of 2018. Outdoor pianos are nothing new, and Lauren had come across one during her family’s vacation in Coronado, CA. She loved the sense of community that the piano created, so she decided to work with her cousin Katherine and bring two pianos to Danville. The pianos were placed outside of the Danville Community Center at 420 Front Street and the Danville Senior Center at 115 E. Prospect Avenue. The two pianos proved to be such a hit with the community that a third was added this year.

As of right now, the three pianos can still be seen in Danville. Town officials encourage residents to take pictures of the pianos and post them on social media to raise awareness, but they are especially interested in people playing them. So far, the pianos have been a big hit with music lovers of all ages and skill levels, especially those who might otherwise not have access to a piano of their own and be taking Bay Area piano lessons. Professional musicians and those who are just starting to take Bay Area piano lessons can sit down and play, and those who don’t know how to play can still sit and take in an impromptu recital. These pianos won’t be available forever, though. Due to weather concerns, they will only be available until Labor Day on September 2nd. After that, they will most likely be put away until next summer.

If you aren’t able to make it out to one of Danville’s outdoor pianos yet you still want a chance to play, you will be happy to learn that there are plenty of opportunities available. There are plenty of opportunities to take Bay Area piano lessons, and you can find some good Bay Area piano rentals if you aren’t ready to buy a piano of your own yet. The piano is an instrument that virtually anyone can learn to play, whether you plan to keep a piano in your home or find an outdoor piano in your community.

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