The History of Pianos

Pianos Have Come a Long Way

When people think of pianos, they may think of beautiful grand pianos on concert stages or in enormous music rooms in big homes. While this is one type of piano, it is not the only type of piano after the long history of piano making. Bay Area authorized piano dealers can help you learn the history of the piano and the many options available these days if you want to explore purchasing or renting a piano.

History of Pianos

There is a long history that led to the creation and evolution of the piano, dating back to the dulcimer, which arose in Europe in the 14th century. As these instruments evolved, the piano was created in the early 18th century by a harpsichord maker named Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori. The harpsichord, which combined a keyboard and striking taut wires with mallets, was the direct precursor to the piano, which was originally called the pianoforte.

Though some 300 years have passed since the invention of the piano, the standard piano is much the same as it was when it was first created. However, technology has allowed for some developments in the piano, even making it more accessible to people than ever before.

Advancements in Pianos

One of the earliest advancements in pianos was the development of player pianos, which can play music on their own. The earliest versions used rolls of paper with holes punched in strategic locations to get the notes needed. More modern player pianos use a combination of the acoustic piano and electronic technology to guide the piano’s music.

Digital pianos, such as clavinovas or electric keyboards, use technology to reproduce piano-like sounds on a keyboard. Many of these instruments are as sensitive as an acoustic piano, but they also offer a wider range of sounds, volumes, and effects that allow the musician to provide a more diverse and comprehensive musical experience.

One of the major benefits of the development of digital pianos is that they take up less space and can be maintained more easily than acoustic pianos. Whether you want Bay Area digital piano rentals or you are looking to purchase a digital piano can give you and your family access to piano music more easily than acoustic pianos.

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