Bay Area Digital Piano Store’s Guide to Awesome Digital Pianos

When Pianos Plus opened its doors over four decades ago, we never thought that we’d be selling digital pianos — in fact, such instruments seemed like the stuff of science fiction.

Today, you can find hundreds of extremely high-quality digital pianos that cover a dynamic spectrum and an array of price points. Our Bay Area digital piano store carries classical, digital, and hybrid models for every type of artist.

So let’s dive in: is a digital piano a good choice for you?

The answer is: It depends.

Whether you play on a digital or “analog” instrument, you’ll need to invest tons of time, energy, and correct practice to get masterful results.

Acoustic pianos, frankly, still beat digital, when it comes to that “authentic” piano sound. On the downside, even relatively small acoustics are pricey, challenging to take care of, and not exactly “fold ’em up and throw ’em in the back of the Subaru” portable.

Digital pianos have huge advantages in terms of:

  • Movability — whether you’re a jazz pianist who regularly gigs out all over the town, or a writer who likes composing in various non-traditional spaces, this portability is awesome.
  • Dynamism. Digital pianos offer an astounding array of features and technologies and bells and whistles. Some digitals can act as veritable “player pianos,” complete with the “ghost key playing.”
  • Privacy! There are times when the tinkling of the ivories can transport the soul like no other experience on Earth. There are times, however, when you just want quiet! Especially if you have a young piano student in your home, you may not want to hear 15 million renditions of the same Chopin etude every day for three weeks before a big recital.
  • Very, very reduced maintenance costs. Sure, digital pianos can break, and you may need to get replacement components and chargers and cords and whatnot. But fixing up a digital is a whole magnitude of order easier than tuning even a low maintenance acoustic.
  • Top end digitals sound and feel a lot like acoustics. We’ve come a long way from the days of junky Casio keyboards. Great digitals do a great job of mimicking the delicate nuances of acoustics. They also give you a “key feel” that’s surprisingly realistic.

For help with your piano purchasing decision, connect with the Bay Area digital piano experts here at Pianos Plus. Find out more about our array of products, services and credentials here at, or stop and see us today to try out instruments and talk to our knowledgeable staff about your best options.