The Advantages of Owning A Digital Piano

Tips From Your Bay Area Digital Piano Store

Kurzweil piano storesAs authorized Yamaha Clavinova Dealer, we may not be the most objective reporters on the pros and cons of digital pianos. After all, we love these instruments! We have seen how diversely and powerfully they can assist clients with their musical goals, such as:

  • Composing complex musical pieces;
  • Recording innovative selections;
  • Learning music theory;
  • Preparing for music festivals and orchestral sessions;

Some purists make radical claims, arguing that digitals “aren’t real pianos.” And it’s true that there is certainly a time and a place for acoustic pianos. For instance, if you’re training to become a serious concert pianist or looking to decorate a living space with a gorgeous piece of furniture, then a high-end acoustic piano – such as a Yamaha Grand – might be the way to go.

However, digitals offer some very cool advantages, such as:

  • Lower cost (in general);
  • Great for practicing in tight spaces;
  • Digitals tend to be smaller and lighter, and they need zero maintenance;
  • No need to invest in piano tuning, which can be quite expensive;
  • If you have small children and/or pets rambling around your home/studio, you won’t always have to be on guard to prevent them from tampering with or damaging your instrument;
  • Some digitals (but not all) are easier to move, which could be convenient, if you’re a teacher or performer who plays a lot of gigs;
  • You can take advantage of special digital piano features to record compositions and practice sessions, use player piano features and play with exotic sounds/tonalities.

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