Digital or Acoustic Piano?

Which Should I Buy?
KeyBoard of Weber Piano

Whether you’re the parent of a budding piano prodigy or an indie music producer/recording artist, you want a new piano, but you’re not sure whether to go digital or acoustic. Here are 3 questions that will help you get more clarity before you visit your Bay Area piano store:

1) Do you need to move the piano frequently?

For instance, if you’re a composition student at a conservatory or music professional who needs to travel to play or write, a digital instrument obviously wins. But if you plan to practice at a studio or other consistent place, an acoustic might make more sense.

2) Do you need extra features or apps to achieve your music goals?

Digital pianos offer astonishing features and software that can enhance practice, add sound effects, allow you to take piano lessons remotely and even record and replay your pieces.

3) Do you crave the timbre and sound of a truly classical instrument?

While top end digital units are very good at reproducing true piano sound with fidelity, many reviewers say that there’s a level of control and authenticity that acoustics provide that digitals can’t completely replicate.

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