Choosing The Perfect Piano for Your Child

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What is the Best Piano for Your Child?

There are several Bay Area Digital Piano stores where you’ll be able to find the perfect digital piano for your child to learn on, and to use in the future, with whatever musical pursuits he/she might be interested in. Acoustic pianos are great of course, but they represent very serious investments that are simply beyond the means of most families.

That makes a digital piano your best bet, and you’ll enjoy some considerable benefit from a good digital instrument. The sound quality of digitals has improved to the point where they are virtually equivalent to acoustics, plus there’s no real maintenance needed for a digital, and your child can practice with headphones on, sparing the rest of the household from those first few painful lessons.

What to look for

When you’re considering digital pianos, there are a few characteristics to look for that will ensure you purchase a quality instrument. First of all, make sure your candidate piano has all 88 keys, and that they’re weighted, so as to have the feel of natural piano keys. Ideally, it should also have three pedals attached to the case, and the case itself should be wooden, which gives it the appearance of a real, acoustic piano. You’ll also be much safer going with one of the recognized industry leaders, with a brand name like Yamaha. Look for your closest Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealers, who will have a great selection. 

Best in class

Of course, your final selection will be guided by factors associated with your own circumstances, but some of the best in class choices are identified below:

  • Yamaha YDP103R – includes the 3-pedal attachments, and wooden stand
  • Yamaha P115 – has all 88 weighted keys and sustain pedal

The models listed above retail for less than $1,000, and are great-sounding instruments. Your budding Chopin can learn on the piano, refine his/her chops over several years, and still use the same instrument later on to perform with at gigs, or for any kind of portable event requirement which happens to come up. For portability, ease of maintenance, and great musical fidelity, any of these choices will provide great return.

Where can You Find the Best Bay Area Digital Piano Store?

At Pianos Plus, one of the best authorized Yamaha piano stores in the region, you’ll find great selections not only from Yamaha, but from other acknowledged masters of the piano industry. Come visit the store and discuss your piano needs with us, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.