Which Type of Piano Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right piano in the Bay Area

You’ve been on a whirlwind tour of Bay Area piano stores. Whether your daughter could be the next great piano prodigy of the 21st Century; or you’re a recording artist who needs a newer instrument, you’re struggling to figure out what instruments might be the most appropriate for you.

Weber piano stores At Piano Plus we do promote brands, such as Yamaha pianos, but our main goal is to help clients find the perfect instruments for their needs, budget and strengths. Here are some questions to consider:

Should you get an acoustic piano, digital piano or some kind of hybrid?

Acoustics tend to be more delicate beasts. You need to protect them against the vicissitudes of temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc. They may only be able to fit in certain rooms of your home. Digital pianos tend to be smaller, more compact and more easily transportable. However, digitals lack hammer or strings, so they may not be appropriate for certain compositional or performance projects. Purists, for instance, often turn up their noses at digitals. However, acoustics lack certain awesome digital technologies, such as the ability to record compositions, the ability to transform information electronically to store, etc. You can also find many digitals with exquisite sound that, for all intents and purposes, basically sound like traditional acoustics.

Also, consider these questions:

  • Should you get a new or used piano?
  • Should you get an overstrung piano (with longer string length) or a straight strung piano, which runs its strings in parallel?
  • Should the strings be overdamped or underdamped?
  • Should you rent or lease the piano… or buy it outright?
  • Will you use the instrument to teach/learn, compose, record, or perform?
  • How much space do you have available for the instrument?
  • How long will you be living in your current home or studio?

Our Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealers Can Help You Choose!

The questions go on. Appreciate that there are no one size fits all answers. Focus on your own needs (both long term and short term) before you price models or shop seriously. For help parsing the most appropriate strategies for your needs, call the Pianos Plus team today at 510-581-1660.