A Guide for Choosing the Best Digital Piano

The Best Digital Piano for You

Yamaha-Clavinova-CVP-600-Series_Lifestyle_ENDigital pianos provide owners the luxury of high quality sound without the investment and size of a traditional piano. For an affordable price, musicians can make music on the go (and compose, teach, and accompany bands or full orchestras).

Any serious musician who moves around frequently, plays at events, or plays in a small or otherwise restricted space may benefit from the digital style. Digital pianos also allow musicians to practice any time. They even feature headphone capabilities for silent practicing around the clock – great if you have roommates and/or keep less than traditional hours.

Shop and qualify digital piano options as carefully as you might vet traditional pianos. Evaluate your options based on predetermined metrics, such as sound quality, structure, tonal capabilities, aesthetics and extra “bells and whistles” – whatever’s important to your composing, teaching, practicing or performance needs. Consider Yamaha Disklavier and Clavinova piano models, which provide incredible flexibility as well as high quality sound; they’re suitable for a diverse slate of piano needs.

Consider speaker set up and headphone input and output as well when evaluating digital pianos. Count the number of polyphony tones – the more, the better, in general. Evaluate touch response for comfort. Fully-weighted keys that mimic real piano keys can give you the most authentic “traditional piano” experience. Advertisers often focus on tones and sounds to sell equipment, but be clear about your needs, so you don’t purchase more features than you will actually use (or at least want to tinker with).

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