Performing on a Piano of Poor Quality

perfomring on an old poor out of tune piano tipsDoes the venue you’re performing at have an out-of-shape piano? Here’s a few tips that may help.

Every musician – from flutists, guitarists, trumpeters, and violinists – form a certain kind of bond with their instrument. This bond allows them to hone their skills and consistency while performing. Pianists, however, are not afforded this luxury. A piano is (by nature) large, heavy, and cumbersome. Thus, the specific instrument a pianist practices upon will most likely not be the instrument with which they perform. Continue reading

Proper Piano Recital Etiquette

Pianist at Yamaha Piano During Spring Recital

Good Manners Always Hits The Right Note

Spring and music are in the air as recital season begins. For adults and children who have enjoyed piano lessons and worked hard on their pieces, recitals are an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Recitals also give family and friends a chance to enjoy some music while supporting their budding virtuosos.  For both performers and audience members, the experience is bolstered when everyone follows a few simple rules of recital etiquette. Continue reading