Steps to Take BEFORE Your Child Begins Piano Lessons

Follow These Tips Before You Sign Your Child Up For Lessons

Child Playing the Piano

Based on his love for the Mozart playlist he constantly requests you to play during mealtimes or her amazing natural love of percussion and rhythmic creativity, you believe your child may be ready to become a pianist. But you aren’t sure where to begin. Here are some steps to take before his or her first lesson.

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Why Do the Best Pianists Choose Yamaha Pianos?

Why Yamaha Is A Top Choice

The Visually Stunning Yamaha Piano

Why do so many concert pianists, recording artists and teachers swear by Yahama pianos? When shopping brands, the untrained observed might be tempted to conclude that “a piano is a piano,” assuming features and aesthetic elements are roughly comparable. But Yahama’s subtle craftsmanship and track record for pleasing even the most finicky pianists set this brand apart. Below, we provide a thumbnail sketch of four critical characteristics that distinguish Yamaha from other piano makers.

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