Reasons To Rent A Piano

Bay Area Piano Rentals

Yamaha pianos Perhaps you’re looking for authorized Yamaha piano stores for a beautiful instrument for a budding young music prodigy in your family. Or maybe you’re searching for Bay Area digital piano rentals to obtain an instrument to gig-out with new band mates. Should you rent or buy? Continue reading

Ben Folds Becomes Yamaha Artist

Yamaha Piano Endorsement

Ben Folds Yamaha Piano Artist

Image via Flickr

Renowned producer, singer, and songwriter Ben Folds recently joined the ranks of Sir Elton John and Alicia Keys when Yamaha nominated him as the newest member of the Yamaha Piano Artists’ global family. A welcoming offered only to the top tier of instrumental musicians, Folds’ induction came as no surprise to those following his multi-platinum musical career. Continue reading

Beware of Bay Area University Piano Sales!

Beware! It’s that time again!!! Spoiler Alert!

yamaha pianoOnce again, it’s that time of year you will be receiving that very special letter from that very special university reminding you of that very special piano sale offering you special pricing of new and used Yamaha pianos. Continue reading