Why So Many People Choose Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Piano

Yamaha Pianos are Popular for Many Reasons

Yamaha is a well-known piano manufacturer. If you are considering purchasing a piano, comparing brands will help ensure that you get the best one for you. Here are some reasons that Yamaha is so well-known for its pianos, and why you should consider looking at Yamaha piano stores for your purchase.

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The History of Pianos

Pianos Have Come a Long Way

When people think of pianos, they may think of beautiful grand pianos on concert stages or in enormous music rooms in big homes. While this is one type of piano, it is not the only type of piano after the long history of piano making. Bay Area authorized piano dealers can help you learn the history of the piano and the many options available these days if you want to explore purchasing or renting a piano.

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2 Yamaha Pianos Get a “Special Mention” in the German Design Awards

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Yamaha Gets Recognized

Musical instruments designed and created by the Yamaha Corporation continue to be recognized internationally for their innovation.

During this year’s German Design Award, the Yamaha CP88 stage piano and the Sonogenic SHS-500 keytar received “Special Mention” recognition in the annual showcase of design excellence.

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Great Tips for Practicing Piano

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Use these 6 Tips for Practicing Piano

Learning how to play a musical instrument is often one of life’s most memorable milestones. Whether you’re young or young at heart, the saying practice makes perfect still applies. Here are a few tips to help you become the next great Yamaha piano player.

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How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano?

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Wanting to Learn Piano?

Practice makes perfect, we’re always told, especially when we start something new.

This is especially true with most musical instruments, when newcomers are pretty much the opposite of perfect. Some instruments, however, take a long time to learn adequately and an even longer time to get to the perfect stage. Supposedly bagpipes are in this category, since some people take years to master the perfect tones rather than creating painful noises.

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Pros and Cons of Online Piano Lessons

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Looking into Bay Area Piano Lessons?

Technology plays a role in almost everything these days, including music lessons. Online music lessons have their place, but there are some downsides that budding musicians (and their parents) should be aware of. If you’re in the market for Bay Area piano lessons, talk to our team at Pianos Plus. We’ll be glad to point you in the right direction for your student.

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The Pros and Cons of Traditional Piano Lessons

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Here are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Piano Teacher

Anyone who has studied music will tell you that a good teacher can make the process much more enjoyable. He or she likely has experience with not only the foundations and theories of creating happy notes, but familiarity with different methods and instruments. A good instructor should also have adequate patience to help someone transform their skills into more advanced music making. If you are learning how to play a Yamaha piano, here are some things to think about when choosing your learning method.

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Digital Vs. Acoustic Piano

yamaha digital piano

Trying to Decide Between and Digital or Acoustic Yamaha Piano?

You have decided to buy or rent a Yamaha piano but still face a big decision. Should you go for digital or acoustic and what’s the difference between them anyway? We explore the answer to that question below.

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How Playing Piano Will Help You Succeed in Other Areas

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Playing Piano Develops Skills that Will Help in Other Areas of Life

You may not realize the multiple benefits of playing the piano when you visit Bay Area digital piano stores to buy or rent a piano. The reason most people bring a piano into their home is that they enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill and bringing pleasure to others through music. Fewer people are aware of the numerous other benefits of piano playing, some of which we explore below.

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How to Decide What Instrument You Want to Play

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How to Choose an Instrument

Music is one of the first things we learn to relate to as children – and it’s something that we continue to be impacted by as we grow into adults. It’s that level of significance that makes learning music such an important part of many of our lives! It all starts with choosing the right instrument…

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